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Correlation between Hemorrhoids and sport activities

Managing hemorrhoids can be achieved through muscle strengthening, improvement of the blood circulation and a gradual increase of the muscle tone (exercise). 

However, sports such as cycling, horse-riding, mountaineering, weight-lifting, baseball, golf and squatting worsen the hemorrhoids. The increased blood pressure in the anorectal area is the main reason for that.

Other factors that have been implicated in terms of developing and worsening hemorrhoids are:

  • sedentary life (inactivation of abdominal muscles, weakening of the venous wall of veins near the anus and prolonged sitting)
  • obesity (increased pressure in the anal area)
  • weight-lifting,
  • chronic cough (or intense laughter and even sneezing some times!)
  • various irritants (detergents, fragrances and soap),
  • advanced age (weakening of the muscle tone, the venous walls and the valves of the veins).

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weights and hemorrhoids