Vaccination against HPV virus

In the market, two vaccines exist for preventing an HPV-infection (the bivalent and the quadrivalent). These vaccines offer protection against two or four sub-types of the human papillomavirus. The quadrivalent vaccine contains sub-types 6 and 11 which cause genital warts and 16 and 18 which cause pre-malignant dysplasia. The vaccine does not contain the virus itself or any part of the virus.

Essentially, it contains an artificial protein which is recombined and non-infectious. This protein mimics the natural infection and induces a production of antibodies in human body without infecting it. The vaccines protect against any infection of the above types. Vaccination must take place between the ages of 12-26. Vaccination in older ages is not a contraindication. At the age over 26 years, the vaccine protects against new infections and the appearance of warts due to many frequent and dangerous sub-types of HPV. After the age of 26 years old, vaccination is often recommended in cases of anal intercourse, immunosuppression or infection by HIV.


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