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The Clinic


Our Clinic

ATHENS COLORECTAL LABORATORY has always been a pioneer in the diagnosis and treatment of anorectal diseases since 1994. Dr. Apostolos Stamatiadis’s experience and the up-to-date diagnostic and therapeutic modalities ensure the best outcome for our patients. Endoanal ultrasound (diagnosis of perianal abscess, fistulas, fecal incontinence and cancer staging) and high resolution anoscopy (detection of anal HPV infection and precancerous dysplasias) are exclusively available in our laboratory.

Our objective is a complete diagnostic evaluation and thereafter a simple and effective treatment, avoiding needless surgery if possible.

Experience, specialization, accountability and human-centered motivation are our mottos.

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Dr Apostolos Stamatiadis, proctologist-surgeon

Papadiamantopoulou 24b 11528 ATHENS-GREECE

MEGARO underground station

tel.: 30-2107470555

fax.: 30-2107474685

e-mail: [email protected]