The specificity of Proctology as a part of medical science.

Creating a relationship of trust between the treating physician and the patient requires a two-way effort and compliance. Both sides must foster communication which will ultimately lead to improved health outcomes. The lack of understanding and the devaluation are two factors that definitely cannot help.

In turn, proctology as an integral part of medicine obeys in the above rule. However, on this occasion, things are much more complicated and the reason is simple. The nature of the anatomical regionof the anus and the values and societal beliefs that have formed during human civilization, eventually create many innumerable obstacles.

The right approach of the proctologist

The practice of proctology is based on the warm and friendly attitude of the doctor to the patient. Respect for the diversity of other people must be guaranteed. The cooperation between the two sides should be carried out in a climate of mutual confidence and cordiality. Usually, people suffering in the area of the anus are embarrassed to talk about their problem. At the same time, they treat with suspicion the medical staff. Unfortunately, there are few health professionals who approach abruptlyand vulgar these people, many times with a style that verges on racism.

The proctologist should treat his patients without prejudices and taboos, regardless of the type of condition they suffer from. Equally important though, is to understand and respect the personality of other people like to be his own, otherwise what we call EMPATHY! Also, he must not forget the significance of non-verbal messages. And the most important: he must have a sense of HUMOR in his everyday work. Besides, humor is the best antidote to the embarrassment and the bleak solemnity!